“Content marketing is the only marketing left”

Seth Godin

Nowadays, providing quality content plays a key role in a good online marketing strategy.

The Google algorithm no longer follows the old SEO positioning patterns, but rather, now more than ever, it aims to give the best response to the users question presented in the form of a search. The better the content quality, the better it responds to the needs of the user, and the further up it will be positioned.

In turn, customers no longer simply search for a product to consume, but rather a brand with which they identify.

If you want to convert your visits into subscribers and these, in turn, into customers and ambassadors for your brand, you need to create attractive content which is of interest to your target public.

With a good content marketing strategy you will be able to connect with your audience and help them through useful information, rather than bombard them with direct and aggressive promotions that do not work.

In addition to the on-site, off-site and social SEO approaches, a consolidated strategy for content marketing is the basis for a successful action.

At Rayma GLS we design content adapted to your audience for the different channels and countries, all of which are created by professional writers that specialise in their sectors.

At Rayma GLS, we provide all our branded content services in different languages and adapted to the target audience and search engines of each country

When you have a good marketing strategy, you can attract and capture new customers by investing less in time and resources. With our content marketing services, the public will find you and you won’t need to bother them.

Summary of services:

  • Content marketing assessment
  • Creation of the buyer profile
  • Design of SEO strategy
  • Design of marketing strategy to attract customers
  • Writing of quality content for different channels
  • Community management
  • Campaigns for bloggers & influencers
  • Press office
  • Translation and localisation