The content of the webpage or corporate documentation is our business card and is the first impression that our customers will have of us.
A poor, badly written text, with errors or spelling mistakes will not empathise with the reader but will rather transmit an incorrect message about the company and the professionalism of its services.

At Rayma GLS we will help you create effective, well written and SEO optimised texts, or, if you have already developed your content, we can review and give your texts new life so that they communicate more effectively.

Don´t leave the content of your brand in inexperienced hands

Writing texts

Sometimes, and almost always with the intention of reducing costs, we are tempted to write the content of our brand ourselves (because who else knows it better than we do?) or it is left in the hands of inexperienced people who are not qualified to do so. However, these texts are often low quality and lack a true communicative purpose.

At Rayma GLS, we have a team of professional writers*, specialised in analogue media advertising and digital marketing. We generate well-written content with an impeccable style that fulfils the established objectives and is adapted to the target audience. Additionally, in the case of texts destined for digital media, we ensure that it is written and optimised for SEO.

*Ask about our technical and specialised writing.

Text correction

In all the editing process of a text, it is necessary to carry out a spellcheck to eliminate errors, spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar usage, etc. Although the author may have a good level of writing, it is inevitable that when constantly working on the same text, certain errors may be overlooked, both grammatical as well as stylistic, given that one’s mind tends to construct what should be written rather than read what is actually written.

At Rayma GLS we specialise in text correction services: books, journalistic articles, magazines, informative documents, company and institution reports, marketing material, web content, doctoral theses, etc.


Spellchecking involves a review of the spelling and grammar of the text.

  • Eliminate errors
  • Eliminate repeated words
  • Resolve errors in the use of punctuation symbols
  • Correct grammar errors
  • Locate spelling errors
  • Standardise
  • Unify

This type of correction can go hand-in-hand or not with style correction, depending on the type of text.


Style correction consists of making a text comprehensible and ensuring it does not contain any writing, grammar or vocabulary errors.

  • Improper and poor vocabulary
  • Pleonasms
  • Repetitions
  • Redundancies
  • Double negatives
  • Internal rhymes
  • Cacophonies
  • Length of orations
  • Order and hierarchy of text parts
  • Syntax
  • Concordance
  • Ambiguities